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  Learning Curve 142
dated 02.09.2019
NCLT directs RPs to be careful for excess claims made by financial creditors against corporate debtor
  Learning Curve 143
dated 03.09.2019
Liquidator can accept the resolution plans which were not accepted in CIRP as schemes or arrangements in liquidation process
  Learning Curve 144
dated 04.09.2019
Appeal against the approved Resolution Plan Lies only under section 61(3) of IBC, 2016
  Learning Curve 145
dated 05.09.2019
NCLT held that there is no procedure for restoration of the Company Petition available under IBC
  Learning Curve 146
dated 06.09.2019
NCLAT held that Adjudicating Authority has no
jurisdiction to reject the application under Section 9 only on the ground that Corporate Debtor is MSME
  Learning Curve 147
dated 09.09.2019
NCLAT vide its order dated 10.04.2019 held that an application under Section 7 being an independent proceeding has nothing to do with the pendency of the Criminal Case relating to misappropriation of the funds by the Chief Financial Officer of the ‘Corporate Debtor’
  Learning Curve 148
dated 11.09.2019
NCLAT held that application under Sections 7 and 9 will be maintainable against the 'Corporate Debtor', even if the name of a 'Corporate Debtor' has been struck-off
  Learning Curve 149
dated 12.09.2019
NCLAT held that Section 29A is not applicable for entertaining/considering an application under Section 12A
  Learning Curve 150
dated 13.09.2019
NCLAT held that at the stage of admission of Application u/s 7, Adjudicating Authority is not required to consider if Resolution for a given Company would be possible or not and whether or not it would be possible to keep it a going concern
  Learning Curve 151
dated 16.09.2019
NCLT held that an operational creditor cannot raise its claim under Section 9 of the code under a joint venture agreement

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