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  Learning Curve 181
dated 01.11.2019
Hon’ble NCLAT held that if a matter is being heard by a NCLT bench consisting of two Hon’ble Members, the final order cannot be passed by a single member
  Learning Curve 182
dated 04.11.2019
The claim of the creditor cannot be determined by the ‘Arbitral Tribunal’ during the period of ‘Moratorium’ passed by the Adjudicating Authority
  Learning Curve 183
dated 05.11.2019
NCLAT held that all the stakeholders, including the Promoters/ shareholders are entitled to know the fair value/ liquidation value of the Corporate Debtor
  Learning Curve 184
dated 06.11.2019
Article 142 of the constitution is the power which is vested only with the Supreme Court where it can pass any order to deliver complete justice
  Learning Curve 185
dated 07.11.2019
NCLT imposed a cost of Rs 1 lakh each on the applicants for unwarranted behaviour towards RP
  Learning Curve 186
dated 08.11.2019
Hon’ble High Court issued stay order on insolvency proceedings ordered by the NCLT against Flipkart India Pvt Ltd
  Learning Curve 187
dated 11.11.2019
If Resolution Plan is prepared and approved before the amendment to Regulation 38, then the plan cannot be challenged on the basis of it
  Learning Curve 188
dated 13.11.2019
NCLAT held that the demand notice issued u/s 8 of the Code  against the corporate debtor for the dues of sister concern/group company having different CIN Numbers and registered addresses is not a valid notice u/s 8 of the Code
  Learning Curve 189
dated 14.11.2019
The corporate debtor cannot use the provisions of Section 3 of the Code as a blanket cover to claim exclusion from IBC proceedings on the ground that it is a financial service provider
  Learning Curve 190
dated 15.11.2019
RP is entitled to move to the Adjudicating Authority, if he has any difficulty regarding CIRP costs after withdrawal of application
  Learning Curve 191
dated 18.11.2019
If the ‘Resolution Plan’ placed before the Adjudicating Authority under Section 13 has been approved, it is not possible for the Appellate Tribunal to decide the claim on the basis of the disputed question of fact

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