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  Learning Curve 99
dated 01.07.2019
NCLT directs RP to not reject a claim merely on the ground of being filed after prescribed period of 90 days as the CIRP is still under progress and no resolution plan approved by CoC.
  Learning Curve 100
dated 02.07.2019
NCLT holds that power under s. 19, IBC does not extend to seeking information from an unrelated third party.
  Learning Curve 101
dated 03.07.2019
NCLAT reiterates its holding that an order passed u/s 14, IBC imposing moratorium is not applicable to criminal proceedings initiated under PMLA, 2002.
  Learning Curve 102
dated 04.07.2019
NCLT (Chennai) Bench allows RP’s application for CD’s Liquidation based on CoC’s resolution.
  Learning Curve 103
dated 05.07.2019
Once a debt payable by CD stands cleared on account of approval of plan by payment in favour of lenders, the effect of Deed of Guarantee comes to an end, holds the NCLAT.
  Learning Curve 104
dated 08.07.2019
‘Committee of Creditors’ cannot delegate its power to a ‘Sub Committee’ or ‘Core Committee’ for negotiating with the ‘Resolution Applicant(s)’. – Holds the NCLAT.
  Learning Curve 105
dated 09.07.2019
Hon’ble NCLAT dismisses an appeal being barred by limitation and clarifies that Section 61(2)confers powers on NCLAT to condone a delay of maximum 15 days, if sufficient cause is shown.
  Learning Curve 106
dated 10.07.2019
In case of an MSME, in exceptional cases, the Promoter may not compete with other Resolution Applicants to regain control of CD – Holds Hon’ble NCLAT.
  Learning Curve 107
dated 11.07.2019
The definition of “Financial Services” under s. 3(16), IBC is not an exhaustive one. It may include activities other than those listed in the section– Holds Hon’ble NCLAT.
  Learning Curve 108
dated 12.07.2019
If the circumstances justify and in unforeseen circumstances, NCLT (or NCLAT) may exclude certain period for counting CIRP period – Clarifies Hon’ble NCLAT.
  Learning Curve 109
dated 15.07.2019
NCLAT rejects a legal contention that admission of application u/s 7, IBC is not contemplated in all cases wherein there is a ‘default’.


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