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  Learning Curve 57
dated 01.05.2019

A trade Union can initiate Insolvency Proceedings as Operational Creditors on behalf of its Members. 
  Learning Curve 58
dated 02.05.2019
Except the Corporate Debtor, no other party has a right to intervene at the stage of admission of the petition. However, an aggrieved party may prefer an appeal if it is aggrieved by the order of admission.
  Learning Curve 59
dated 03.05.2019
NCLAT held that the Adjudicating Authority failed to notice that the fee claimed was a consolidated amount jointly charged by IPE and IRP and not towards the fee of IRP, and the fee of Rs. 5,00,000 to IRP for his working of 27 days, as fixed by the adjudicating authority was found to be excessive.
  Learning Curve 60
dated 06.05.2019
Non-mention of previous round of proceedings is not fatal to a Section 7 application when there is a fresh cause of action disclosed for the subsequent petition.
  Learning Curve 61
dated 07.05.2019
Section 14, IBC, 2016 is not applicable to penal proceedings under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.
  Learning Curve 62
dated 08.05.2019
NCLT has no jurisdiction to pass any order with regard to matter pending before the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction
  Learning Curve 63
dated 09.05.2019
Acceptance of Commercial Decisions of CoC ordinarily is a rule and interference with it is an exception
  Learning Curve 64
dated 10.05.2019
CoC members are entitled to either approve or reject the Resolution Plan after considering its feasibility and viability and such other requirements as specified by the Board.
  Learning Curve 65
dated 13.05.2019
NCLAT imposed a cost of Rs. Ten Lakh on successful resolution applicamt for failure to implement the Resolution Plan approved by CoC and AA and also directed MCA to take appropriate steps against Resolutuion Applicant and its managing Director and other Directors.
  Learning Curve 66
dated 14.05.2019
NCLAT stops closure of Burn Standard and retrenchment of its employees directing for removal of portion of approved Resolution Plan which proposed closure of the Company.
  Learning Curve 67
dated 15.05.2019
Section 18 of I & B Code prevails over Section 13(4) of the SARFAESI Act, 2002.
  Learning Curve 68
dated 16.05.2019
The facility of filing a single joint application u/s 7, IBC, respectively against two or more CDs (on the grounds of them having a joint liability) is not available to an FC till it can be shown that CDs form a joint venture company.
  Learning Curve 69
dated 17.05.2019
NCLT ordered for de-attachment of properties by SEBI belonging to a corporate debtor
  Learning Curve 70
dated 20.05.2019
After closure of the main company petition, an application under section 60(5)(c), IBC is not maintainable.
  Learning Curve 71
dated 21.05.2019
No execution proceedings under the provisions of SEBI Act or its regulations can take place during the CIR process under the IBC


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