Board of Directors of ICSI IIP

The Governing Board of ICSI IIP oversees the activities and the functioning of the Company. The Governing Board consists of a total of Seven directors out of which three are Independent Directors (IDs).The composition of the Board is as follows:

Independent Directors

1. Mr. P K Malhotra, Advocate & Legal Consultant (Formerly Union Law Secretary)

2. Mr. Ashish kumar Chauhan , Managing Director and CEO of BSE

3. Mr. Gopal Krishan Agarwal, Chartered Accountant

Other Directors 

4. CS Ashish Garg - President, ICSI

5. CS Nagendra D. Rao - Vice President, ICSI

6. CS Devendra V Deshpande - Council Member, ICSI

7. Dr. Binoy J. Kattadiyil - Managing Director, ICSI IIP